“Those we left behind” by Stuart Neville


What if you had only one person in all the world?  What if that person was your older brother?  What if your loyalty and love for that person was eclipsed by the fact that you are mortally afraid of him?those we left behind

This is the dilemma of Ciaran Devine.  At a tender age, he and his brother Thomas were put into foster care.  At the age of twelve Ciaran confessed to the murder of his foster father.  Both he and Thomas were put into a young offenders unit.

Detective Chief Inspector Serena Flanagan of the Belfast Police is the policewoman who put the Devine brothers away.  A breast cancer survivor, she pines for her husband’s attention even though he seems physically repulsed by her surgery scars…  Haunted by the young Ciaran ever since he confessed , she has always suspected that his confession was made in order to protect his elder brother Thomas.

Thomas Devine

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