Mystery Mondays: James Osborne


Today, it’s my pleasure to welcome award-winning author James Osborne to Mystery Monday. Welcome, James. For something a little different, I’m interviewing James. Hope you enjoy our chat.

JO: Thank you for the invitation, Kristina. It’s a privilege to join you.

KS: To begin, can you tell us what motivated you to become a writer?

JO: I suppose it started one winter when I was a kid; I read a 2,000-page encyclopedia.

KS: Really? You’re not kidding, are you?

JO: Not at all. At the time, my parents owned a wilderness farm. We had little money. I was about eight one cold winter and wanted something to read in the evenings. The choice was between my mother’s romance novels and a huge Columbia Encyclopedia. As you might imagine, romantic stories don’t interest a pre-pubescent boy. So I spent the winter thumbing through that enormous, illustrated…

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