Baby steps

Well Done Benjamin!

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

I’m human and I’ve made mistakes.
Big ones blue ones huge giant ones too.
But today I took a step, just a baby one but a baby one will do.
Each day i grow stronger and each day i need less.
For I’ve forgot just truly how much of a mess, I’d become.
I lost me in you the same way I used to do.
But today my partner said to me.
For you to be better you need to think about becoming a better man for you to be a better man for me.
I’m more true to myself than very could be but I let fear take control of me.
Fear losing, fear winning, fear of living,dying and most of all fear of becoming so lost in my lost that I became what I feared.
I’m sorry.

“A life on hold. ”

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