The great train.

What happened to the train? Was it left to rot on it’s rails or was it given a place in a museum for it’s retirement all polished and centre of attraction there?

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

There was no way of knowing when the train would come. I watched as it pulled out of the station and began to gather speed.
I watched it travel over hills and mountains It seemed almost to good to be true, until one day it stopped. . In a panic all on board fled in fear for they knew not why the great train had stopped so suddenly.
I watched as the passengers grieved for the great train. Slowly one by one they said their goodbyes. Some with tears of never ending sadness. Others with fits of rage….. Until finally the smallest of children came to say goodbye and she wept for she knew it was the last time they’d meet.
The end.
“Just a page in someone else’s story.”
**all rights reserved.

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