The Wild, Wild Wind

Fragile Phantoms

You were the wild, wild wind.

You danced into my life like a twister, annihilating everything around us so that there was only you and me.

The chairs, the tables, the walls. The very room we stood in, gone.

Just you…and me.

I looked at you with your head bowed, taking in the way your lashes cast shadows along the length of your porcelain-skin cheeks, and when you finally looked up and caught me staring… It was the eye of the storm, then. My heart stopped, the world fell into a vacuum, and there was justyou…and me.

You were the wild, wild, wind.

I wasn’t your only victim.

People’s eyes followed you everywhere. I admit, I noticed, because sometimes I would walk behind you, several paces down the hall, and I would see it happen. Heads turning, ever so slightly as you passed—a glimpse, a glance, a flickering of…

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