What Is Red? #TGIF #FTSF

Her Headache

We were right in the middle of recording “Ketchup On Pancakes,” our first ever episode of the podcast we’re attempting together the other night, when my younger brother asks me:

“What does the colour red look like anyway?”

He’s asking me a question about colours (what is my favourite colour) because he knows I love them and always did. He knows I could see them at one time. He never could.

Just like when we were children and I was his “more knowledgeable big sister,”


he again asks me a question, thinking I might know the answer.

So much of the world I do not understand. So much divisiveness and arguments, things being made a lot more complicated than they probably need to be, and I couldn’t answer “why” to any of it. I couldn’t when we were kids, certainly not. I can’t now either.

Something as basic as…

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