Discussing life with hamsters and Mike Steeden

Aww thanks Shey for the lovely interview with the lovely Mike Steeden and the Hamsters (sounds like a rockabilly group from the 50’s – but with added ‘toe’ accompaniment). Good luck with finishing the book Mike and with ‘The Shop that Sells Kisses’ Love to Shey and Mike and the Hamster Dudes xxx

shehanne moore

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amazon shop that sells kisses (1)




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Not until just now! That said, when I started blogging I did write the tale of ‘Joan of Arc & Her Beloved Hamster’ regarding Joan’s heartfelt desire to get her house in order pre the burning at the stake the very next day, hence a new home for her pet hamster was required!  With hardly any ‘followers’ at the time it was largely ignored – probably for the best in hindsight!


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 zmed 45


 In Hamsterland I have heard say

That the energy supply is ideal

For hamsters’ spin around all day

Generating electricity via their treadmill wheel

However, they ran into a problem once

Generating their power thus

For one such wheel did detach itself

Span off, hamster inside, under a number 37 bus

Eric, that was the wretched hamsters name

To the A&E was rushed

Yet there was nought…

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6 thoughts on “Discussing life with hamsters and Mike Steeden

  1. I must say Kate just what a splendid gal you are. Certainly, being interviewed by a competence of hamsters is much, indeed so much better than being interviewed by the police! The autumn of 1927 (or thereabouts) if I recall correctly, me and a gal from the Zulu tribe plus an aging Ford Popular (with obligatory starting handle)…horrible experience that was. So horrible I shall write up the tale soon…scarred me eternally. The swine’s thought me an international drugs dealer at the time.

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    1. Hahahaha – Shucks Mike twurn’t nuthin! I love the way Shey has the dudes chiming in mid interview giving their pennethworth. We’ll be sorry when the hamsters of the world unite and start issuing human wheels for us to run in. Looking forward to the ‘Travelling in a Ford Focus’ story .They must surely have known that anyone driving a Ford Focus would not go anywhere near illegal shenanigans :0) Until I read this blog, I thought it was ‘Hampster’ now it’s just a new word for hipsters who picnic :0)

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      1. The halcyon days of my late adolescence were fraught with disaster on the female front. Glad you triggered a memory of a disaster to the extent I wanted my mum…and I wasn’t even in a WW1 trench…how pathetic I must have seemed to Ms Zulu.

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