Darla’s Second Chance Part two.


If you blinked and missed part one it is here read it first it will help.


We left Darla clinking glasses at the end of a dinner party. Darla and Mark spent the night in the newly converted studio loft apartment. Poor Darla had far too much fizz to do little more than sleep in the beautifully finished high tech space.


As she woke Darla gagged on a hair and peeled her cheek from Mark’s chest. Her lips were pasty and her tongue slurped as she tugged it from the roof of her mouth. Groaning, she hoisted her body and pressed her feet to the floor and braced herself; before standing. A flush of Goosebumps prickled her skin. Darla grabbed a tossed sheet and glancing over at Mark while she hastily wrapped it Egyptian like around her flesh. A fruitless palm patted the side table for her specs. In urgent need to clean…

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