Spammers: Chatting nonsense


Any blogger will be aware of Spam comments. They are generally removed by WordPress, and the blogger is alerted to their presence by a note on the admin dashboard. Occasionally, a valued comment is placed there by mistake, especially when it contains a link, or an image. Over the years, the famous WordPress glitches have sometimes sent everything into the Spam folder, leaving followers wondering why their comments have been ignored. However, the majority of comments identified as Spam are just that, and best deleted.

Spam comments on blog posts are very different to those on an email account. With email, they often hide viruses and scams that can steal your contact book details, or personal log-ons and passwords. They also request donations, offer deals on investments, pharmaceutical products, and sex contacts.
With blogging Spam, it is a little different. By far the majority of these comments are trying to…

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