Do you think your #writing isn’t good enough? How to deal with your fears (Part 1)


I just finished reading an issue of the UK writer’s magazine, Mslexia, a publication for women by women, in which a poll revealed that the vast majority of women writers do not submit work for publication due to fear – fear of rejection, or fear that their work is not good enough.


Now I don’t know what the same poll would have thrown up about men, but I’m betting this is pretty universal to all writers.

As a result, I reckoned it was about time to write another motivational post, once again drawing on my day job. I think there is a lot writers can learn from Sports Psychology, which is about performance, and hey, writers have to perform miracles, don’t they? Or at least get them down on the page.

Do you have negative thoughts about your writing?

  • I’m not good enough
  • no one will like my work
  • I don’t have the…

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