Bloggers Bash Friday Madness!!

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet


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The Bloggers Bash is so near I can feel the adrenalin mounting with each second. The comments on Facebook are escalating minute by minute bringing us closer and closer to the big day! The general term I would use to refer to this phenomenon is excitement!! Pure and simple…

So to calm myself down today I am writing my own personal list. I thought I might as well share this with you –

My Totally Serious List of What To Bring To The Blogger’s Bash:

  1. Depending on the British Weather: sun cream, sunhat, raincoat, umbrella, tarpaulin, or if all else fails enlist Zeus to help you, he’s the King of The Gods, he should be able to sort out the sky.  If Zeus is busy, sigh…
  2. Your travel tickets!Passport. Bus Pass.Helicopter Ride. Parachute. I’m going by train – off to pick…

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