The Epically Awesome Award

The Epically Awesome Award


I don’t normally do awards, but how can I say ‘no’ to the deliciously delectable

Shehanne Moore who awarded me the above badge.

I think she is trying to coax me out of my lovingly glued together shell of obscurity with a sharp, but surgically accurate pin, to extradite a stubborn garlic-sauced snail.

She has been very supportive of my blog and my ink-splattered mutterings. So thank you very much Shehanne and thank you for the award.

In the spirit of this support, I would like to nominate ten other fellow bloggers for the Epically Awesome Award, whom have also been very supportive to me (Can I only have ten??).

Adam Dixon –

Madelyn Griffith Haynie –

Mike Steeden –

Jack Eason –

Silver Threading –

Porter Girl –

Firefly465 –

The Story Reading Ape –

Jason H Abbott –

D Wallace Peach –

Now the five questions:

  • What made you choose your current blogging platform?


Hmmmm! I wanted to connect with other people across the Earth. I think we all have a story or stories to tell and the Internet is one of the greatest achievements of Mankind. To be able to connect to another person 10,000 miles away in what is near as damn it, normal conversational speaking speed is phenomenal.

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog.


I am a re-blog fanatic. I love to pass ideas, stories and ‘this might help’ tips on to everyone in the hope that they will find it interesting and pass on to others.

I believe that the Internet can bring the planet together. How many times have you read a posting and it’s made you smile or think differently or helped you when you felt alone? They can be from someone up the road, or a different continent, but they’re available because of the Internet.

My bits of scribble are just the sesame seeds sprinkled sparingly in your club sandwich. Sometimes you don’t mind them, but other times, they annoyingly stick in your teeth :0). Also there are so many great writers out there, it’s quite daunting to put your own stuff out there in the ether.

  • Are you a once in a while blogger, or a daily one?


I read every day. I ‘re-blog’ and ‘like’ posts each day, but I personally don’t ‘blog’ every day. This is probably the longest of my blog posts

  • Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book?


Gosh – who doesn’t want to be ‘discovered’ and have your stories in print? I write poetry (prose not rhyming), short stories, long stories and stories for children, so any of those. I’ve only put some short stories and poems on my blog up to now though.

  • What is your favourite thing to do besides write?


I’m a bookworm. My favourite thing is to curl up on the couch with a pile of unread books and a big mug of tea or a nice glass of Chardonnay and snuggle down for a binge read.

The other thing I love is being in a forest, surrounded by trees and wild plants. I don’t even care if it’s raining as I love the rain. The sound of rain on the leaves or roof just lulls me to a peaceful place.

Hahaha – aren’t you glad there were only 5 questions?


If you want to take part in the Epically Awesome Award, you need to:

Show the Award badge on your blog.

Say who nominated you, link back to their post (thank you kindly)

Name 5-10 others you would like to nominate (if you don’t want to take part – that is perfectly fine)

Answer the five questions above


Thanks Shehanne – These are my 500 lines of ‘I promise not to do this again’

Love, Kate xx

22 thoughts on “The Epically Awesome Award

      1. Looks like you’re my good luck charm, because I saw a Bud Fairy today. And it turns out they do exist, although one never knows for how long. It was like… magic. 🙂

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  1. Firstly Kate, yir far too kind…. Secondly ..Moi…try to coax you out of your lovingly glued together shell??? Looks innocent. Well.. Ok. Because, magical creature you need the need to roam the forest, sprinkling your words everywhere. A great post. YOUR own posts always are but this one just reinforces what I’ve said xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Shehanne you’re way too kind to me :0)
    I’ve had some really nice comments from people. I know there is horribleness out there, but the vast majority of contact has been very positive and people are so helpful and kind. That’s the people I want to know :0)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m so glad you found one. They are very rare breed indeed. The grape fairy and I are on nodding terms and she is speaking to me today, she tells me she is called Chardonnay – she is very chilled :0)

        Liked by 2 people

  3. During one of my dry periods, I tried wine once. Looked at all the bottles, pretending to know what I was looking for. Even bought a fancy corkscrew. Didn’t like it. Finally threw away more than half the bottle. And that’s my latest alcohol story. 🙂

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  4. OMG – I clicked here simply to say ‘WOO HOO, you deserve it!’ and to add my “like” to the many that I expected would be there already. When my own name jumped out at me I almost dropped my teeth!

    Like you, after the first one, I stopped accepting awards that required me to nominate others and answer questions because I simply lacked the time to do what was required (and picking and choosing among many deserving blogger was agony!) But I must admit that I am tempted by the name of THIS one: who wouldn’t want to blushingly let others know that someone on the planet believes that you are Epically Awesome?

    What I really like about your award announcement post (besides reading the answers to your questions) are seeing the names and links to your nominees. Some I read already, thanks to you, and the others I surely must investigate. (To be truthful, my reaction is sort-of love/hate – that time thing again!)

    As long as there is no time-frame attached . . . don’t hold your breath . . . I will figure out some way around my two objections and graciously accept your nomination.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. You’re so welcome Madelyn! I don’t do awards normally, bur Shehanne is so lovely, I couldn’t say no.
    I left a ‘get out of doing this’ clause in so people nominated didn’t feel obliged to do it. I think your blog is epically awesome. You are trying to help people and their families who have been sorely let down, desperately need good advice and a bit of kindness. If you do get time I myself would so love to see it, but no pressure at all :0)

    Liked by 2 people

  6. BIZARRE! I have been jumping back and forth to click and like the latest offering on the blogs linked here, and just noticed that you responded to a former comment. The WordPress fairies seem to be skipping your blog in my notifications feed. Perhaps it has something to do with timezone discrepancies? My computer clock says 6 pm – your comment time stamp translates to 8:42 pm (if I’m counting on my fingers correctly). Maybe it will show up in a few more hours?

    In any case, escaping going out in the dreaded summer heat, I have had a ball visiting the nominees that I do not already read (as often as I can).

    I used to think I was a rapid reader, but your blog put that myth to rest! Are you able to intake an entire page at a time? Even if I were to give up blogging (and sleeping), I don’t see any other way to read nearly as many things as I would like — NOT that my keen awareness of limited reading time inspires *any* forgiveness for the SEO beasts and beasties for their attempts to cut in line!

    I have no idea where I will steal the time to accept this award either, but you can be sure that I will not even think about clicking on Google search return offerings until the *bottom* of the first page – and I am one of the [supposed] few who always jumps to “next” pages when I’m researching.

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  7. Hi Madelyn. Don’t worry, the gremlins seem to be working overtime at the moment. I do read really fast (I don’t mean ‘skim reading’ though) Blogs I can read really fast – yours takes me the longest as you have so much information on there (but that’s a good thing). Reading is a relaxation for me so I love it. :0)


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