#writephoto: Isolated


Myths of the Mirror


Once again I was compelled to write something for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt when I should be editing. I suppose this is the good kind of procrastination, right? You can check out her prompt and rules HERE and maybe try it out one of these weeks 🙂


I have walked the moors for millennia, watched the flight of the merlin with the pearling of dawn, voles and hares hiding beneath the wintergreen. Every year the bell heather blooms, and once I made brooms of ling to sweep my cottage floor. Then the war swept us away too.

Purple fades to gray and jet as the days die. My heart resides in this windy wilderness, blood bound to the land, an imprint as indelible as stone. I will tread the soft moors forever, but my soul, my soul belongs to this wide and mutable sky.

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