Day 203: You told me to show up!!! Where you at? #dearagent

The Writer and The Story

Dear Agent;

So it has been too many days since I have come to the page. I have hidden. I have procrastinated. I have run. I have been embarrassed to face you because honestly, I haven’t known what to say to you. They say, “just show up!” JUST SHOW UP and the creativity will just come to you…” “Just show up EVERY SINGLE DAY, they say!”

Whoever believes that writing is easy—I got something to tell you #foh (ask google).

This Memorial Day weekend seventeen writers, all WOC and myself are in a beautiful/magical house in the Catskills, communing, resting, eating well, laughing and writing our asses off at the Sankofa Sisterhood Writer’s Retreat!

I spent the first day just doing what an organizer does, get to ensuring that everyone is comfortable, has what they need, and then if there is time left over, get my own writing done!

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