Latent hypocrisy

La Brújula

“Surrounded by absolute cinism one is involved

Deceived,outraged,scammed by the most spurious ruse

From a scarce minority whose trick’s still unsolved

Yet fostering perfidy,insensitivity causing a strong bruise.

Our health and dignity smuggled

All kind of inventions delivered

Society’s heart and lung shivered,

Our lives coping fears more huddled.

Our striking rectangular partner seems to walk with us

Whose fidelity looks like,to all of us,to be always eternal

Though a knife may come from him without realising,thus

Shattering our safety and turning into something infernal.

Under a curtain of miseries we are bound to live

Yet Love is the only element resorting to

Otherwise,in this theatre play we’ll be mostly blue,

Dehumanized where our community have no one to give.

Pen and canvas as the main source of sincerity,really true

I’d want this infamous curtain doesn’t bump into my way

I wish as soon as possible,it doesn’t transform into a stray

Though the only play I want to…

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