Demands from the Dwarves of Windemere

hahaha loved this!

Legends of Windemere

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We have taken over the Windemere blog for today because we’re tired of being ignored here!  All we see are posts about elves, humans, half-elves, halfling, calicos, vampires, gnomes, and even orcs.  Why is there no respect for the dwarves?  Is it because we’re shown to be gruff and blunt?  Do your real world sensitivities make it difficult to deal with us?  Maybe it’s because we only show up as blacksmiths, drunks, miners, mercenaries, and thugs.  Never see us as a love interest unless you pretty us up and thin us down.  Well, we don’t appreciate being depicted as half elf/half dwarf abominations.  A real dwarf is callused and burly of beard.  Put down the autograph book, Brocker, because that’s not we’re here for.  We want to make a statement and give our demands to all those snobby fantasy authors:

Uh . . . Who has the…

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