The Unique Loneliness of the Military Family

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…. and the isolation of returning vets
Loneliness & disconnection that can overtake entire families

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
adding to the Loneliness Series

“We have gone forth from our shores repeatedly over the last hundred years and we’ve done this as recently as the last year in Afghanistan – [putting] wonderful young men and women at risk, many of whom have lost their lives — and we have asked for nothing except enough ground to bury them in, and otherwise we have returned home to seek our own lives in peace.”
~ Colin Powell – 65th U.S. Secretary of State

It was difficult to decide on a title for this particular article in the Loneliness and Isolation Series, since I hope to explore more than a few of the challenges of the particular feelings of alienation faced by servicemen and women and their families –…

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2 thoughts on “The Unique Loneliness of the Military Family

  1. I have no idea how you DO it, Kate – really! I can barely jump over to say a sincere thank you before you’ve added more great content to your site. I read really quickly – but you must be the world’s fastest! AND you write too? I want your brain!


    PS. Oh – I don’t think I actually said my sincere thank you for this reblog. THANK YOU!

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