Neeka’s Story: Discover Challenge – Apologies (and a story recap!)

Writing Dragons

I switched up my days for posting this because yesterday the Writing Thoughts post just had to be written and wouldn’t leave me alone, so I hope you forgive me.  This week’s Discover Challenge theme is, appropriately, Apology:

Apologies — giving them, receiving them, accepting them, withholding them — are powerful …. They’re moments of vulnerability, of profound connection with another person of the sort that doesn’t happen every day, of transformation. There’s risk, and hopefully reward (although not always!).  In short, apologies have the kind of drama and catharsis that make for great posts.

I agree with this assessment of how powerful an apology can be in a work of fiction, but unfortunately, after much thought on the direction I’m moving in this story, there isn’t much need for a big apology scene right now.

However, as the last scene ended, Neeka and the ork merc were heading into her…

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