Thinking of you, Alex Jacobsen

All Things Chronic

A physician’s assistant told him she thought he was using too much of the anxiety drug Klonopin, he says. He disagreed. But she was also concerned about his occasional pot use, so she insisted he needed to taper off over 10 days that month.

Jacobsen agreed. “I’ve always wanted it to be true that I didn’t need anything,” he said…

The free discipleship program Jacobsen wanted to try offered to heal people of substance abuse, anger, depression and “the emotional residue left by mental, physical and sexual abuse” through prayer, Scripture memorization and building a closer relationship with God, according to its promotional materials.

One firm requirement for all participants: No mood-altering drugs.

I’d just like to point out that even sugar and caffeine are “mood-altering drugs.” Really, any drug that makes you feel better can alter your mood.

Jacobsen says he had his doubts that the program would…

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