“Touricide” and a brief message to the transient population

Indeed. Isn’t that why we go to ‘out of the way’ places or small communities, so we can get way from the fast pace and slow down, yet moan when we get there and the latte isn’t handed o us within 30 seconds of getting in the café. We take our ‘rat race’ mentality with us, instead of leaving it behind. I’m all for leaving it behind :0) Good Luck for the new season.

polysyllabic profundities

It has already begun and the long weekend is still days away.  The simple act of easily turning left onto any of our local roads is a shadowed memory of its former self.  They have descended upon us and the seemingly mundane tasks we used to perform with ease now require an expletive filter and a great deal of patience (or high blood pressure pills) (or both).

Almost three years ago, I wrote this post about the tourist season in our small town.  It was that post that sparked some interesting conversation about these wayward travelers and also got me Freshly Pressed.  To those not ensconced in the WordPress blogging world, being Freshly Pressed was a nice pat on the back.  We were recognized for writing something interesting that would encourage a discussion.  And that it did…..on many levels.

I will preface the words that follow by reminding you that I work in…

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