Liebster Award!

Hello Adam. Aww you’re very sweet to add me in. I think you might guess I’m a ‘no award’ person. Your comment was so kind thank you. I’m really glad I found your blog. It’s full of fascinating stories that grip you from the first line and I hope you seriously look at writing film/TV scripts as your writing is so visual. Thanks again, Kate :0)


So, a little while ago now the wonderful Niki over at nominated me for my first blog award! I’ve been rather lax in getting this sorted, so I must apologise! Another kind soul and fellow blogger over at nominated me as well, and I will get to those questions as soon as I can 🙂

Niki’s questions and my answers are as  follows:

5 writing/blog related questions-

  1. What did you write before you started blogging? (Journal, short stories, nothing…)

Before I started blogging I was working on a novel, which I recently shelved because I realised that it was far too complicated for me at the stage of writing I was at. I’ll get back to it one day. Before then, I used to write a lot when I was a child, although I often didn’t complete everything that I started! Those were always novel ideas with farfetched, exciting plots…

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