Anomalistics, Pure Philosophic Rule, and the Scientific Administration of Things


“People have moved beyond apathy, beyond skepticism into deep cynicism” – Elliot Richardson

end_world The only thing convictions make are convicts (Robert Anton Wilson)

There is an unrecognized ontological crisis in science.  It has nothing to do with scientific method, physicalism, skepticism, or many things which I myself bemoan as the shortcomings of a fundamentalist scientism with reference to strange phenomena.  Science as an epistemology is the most powerful tool we have available with which to attempt to understand the universe we live in, but sadly scientists are human, engaged in a human world, and trying to solve human problems.  The crisis that has resulted is one of conscience, a struggle between the desire to govern men based on a humanistic philosophy and the tension this causes when an ontological perspective demands that the world be scientifically administered as a “system of things”.

Thus, the scientists looks at an ecology where…

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