This photo shoot has left me feeling a little shellfish

Hahaha That oyster surrendered. It had given up on life as a filter feeder and thrown itself in the oyster net.
What does ‘The world is your oyster’ mean anyway? – The world s full of grey gunk, but there might just be a small calcified lump of dried mucous wrapped around a particle of sand in it for you?
I don’t now how anyone could eat anything that looked like a consumptive’s specimen sample. I’d go with picture 6 :0)

Ned's Blog

imageIn my younger days, while working through kitchens in the Deep South to become a chef, I shucked a lot of oysters. Probably thousands. Honestly, it was a crazy shucking time in my life. But while I used plenty of oysters for cooking, I also flung my share onto people during fake sneezes, or while pretending to cough up something.

Often they would ask, “What are you, a shucking comedian?”

Looking back now, I guess it’s no surprise I eventually traded my chef’s knives for a humor columnist’s keyboard.

So the irony wasn’t lost on me when, nearly 20 years after becoming a columnist, I found myself standing in front of a camera posing with a freshly shucked oyster. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that stranger things have happened to me. In this case, however, it wasn’t on a security tape or just a really…

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