FFfAW: A Vision of Tranquility

An Enchanted Place

This post is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge, run by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt was provided by Etol Bagam. The challenge is that you write a story of 75-175 words inspired by the photo prompt below. I hope you like it.

Photo Prompt: © Etol Bagam Photo Prompt: © Etol Bagam

A Vision of Tranquility

He first saw it when still a child, ignoring the mean laughter of his classmates as he played alone. It twisted in the corner, a ribbon of colour that widened and spread as he approached, revealing a mighty waterfall aglow in bright sunlight. He was captivated.

No one else could see it.

“What an amazing imagination,” he teacher said.

His classmates just called him weird.

He saw it again, repeatedly. At school. At home. Out and about. In time he learnt not to mention it. No one understood; not peers, parents or doctors. He kept his continued…

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