Un goût de Narbonne: deux


Due to a number of photos I wish to share, we are still in Narbonne. I do hope you find them worthwhile. Alas, I had to dodge a number of workmen, vehicles (yes, even in the park) scaffolding and a number of the earlier tourists. Yet here in the area, our tourists can be found in any season. Within another week or two, the crowds will swell in all these locations. 

Parc de villeParc de ville

The sun dial is directly behind Place de ville seen in part one. It is a small but lovely park with flowers, benches and oh what a view!

Have a seat and enjoy the view!Have a seat and enjoy the view!

Parc de ville 2Parc de ville 2

Parc de ville 3Parc de ville 3

Tourist Office Tourist Office

Turning left as you exit the park and a right turn onto the street ahead you will find the the haven for tourists with questions. In a city the size of…

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