Mundus Media Ink

I opened Mundus Media Ink in 2005 as a graphic design business and worked mainly with small businesses designing brand packages. As an artist and illustrator it was a means of supplementing my inco…

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3 thoughts on “Mundus Media Ink

  1. Thanks for sharing my business Kate! This page is still under construction but we have opened the doors to Mundus Media Ink Publishing although Mundus Media Ink Design has already been open for quite sometime. I am very excited to have the new business up and running and want to let you know that we are accepting submissions. All genres are welcome except explicit and we’d love to see your short stories! We can’t get enough of them! Thanks again and great blog 😉


    1. Thanks Michelle,
      Always glad to promote new businesses.
      You must be so proud of what you’ve achieved.

      Thanks very much for the kind words about my blog and for offering to look at some submissions.
      That is most generous of you.

      I wish you well in your endeavours

      Kate x

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