A – Z Challenge Day 7

Hahahaha AJ This is the best one yet!
1 – you looked up the difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque (very few people know there is a difference) – 20 Scooby snacks!
2. Gargoyles ‘people watching’ I love doing that. I can actually get characters to write about from doing that. (I haven’t done it ‘out loud’ like the gargoyles yet though!) another 20 Scooby snacks.

The man from the council found dumping orange cones in a kids playground –
‘I wudda gotten away with it iffn it hadna bin fo those pesky kids!! All together ‘MR SNODGRASS IS THE GHOST??’ another 20 Scooby snacks to you.
Can I pay these incrementally? Say – a ‘Scooby’ snack per month?
Maybe???? Please?


I can’t believe it’s Day Seven already! My word today is “GARGOYLE”, once again suggested by Kate.

This one was fun to write. I began wondering what it would be like for the gargoyles if they were alive and what they would do to pass the time. I had to remind myself of the difference between “gargoyles” and “grotesques” before I did so, mind you!

Anyway, here is what I was able to come up with. I hope you enjoy reading it.


By Adam Dixon

It was a wet, miserable Wednesday morning in London, and as usual everyone was scurrying about the vast city with nothing but themelves in mind. It’s not that they didn’t care about the world and other people in it, it was merely that that kind of morning always succeeded in making the most cheerful of people recede into his or herself. With their…

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