It appears that Express Scripts really sucks

All Things Chronic

Tonight I heard from Rachel bat Avraham,* a courageous Express Scripts employee who’s been following my Express Scripts saga here:

I would advise any of you out there who are fed up with Express Scripts to continue to hound the media and turn it into a public affair, because I promise you, the higher-ups won’t like the bad press. And if you do it, you don’t risk being tossed out on your can without any unemployment.

(2012) I started this page minutes ago and Medco already contacted me…

11/24/2014, Express Scripts is Sued by Compound Pharmacies for Denying Claims

Now, three compounding pharmacies are fighting back. Last week, three compounders filed a lawsuit charging Express Scripts is illegally blocking legitimate prescriptions and unfairly forcing patients to seek more expensive treatments or forgo medical care…

On April 8, 2014, attorneys…

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