You’ve hired an editor, but what happens if you don’t agree with them? #authors #writing



So you’ve finished your book and you’ve hired an editor, right?

Hopefully you hired the right sort of editor…

‘What?‘ you say, ‘there’s more than one type of editor?’

Oh yes, folks, and if you haven’t got that piece of information yet, you need to go do some research. As an overall guide, you will find:

  • structural editors
  • copy editors
  • proof readers

and they won’t be the same person.

Take a look at this post about editors:

Anyway, assuming you have that bit sorted, I’m also wondering, did you check your editor out first, before you hired them?

These days, anyone can advertise their services, but it doesn’t mean they are either qualified, or any good at the job. Before you hire them, do your due diligence and check them out:

  • take a good look at their website: does it look professional?
  • do they have testimonials from satisfied clients, and/or contact…

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