Scented Wax Candle

Scented Wax Candle


The clicking sound of the scented wax candle

The crackling logs on the blazing fire

And the gentle tinkling of the crystal chimes

Moved by the warm circulating air of the room

The sounds caress my ears like a lullaby

I lie here, comfortable and cosy

Propped up on a soft plump cushion

Throw rug over my legs, tucking my toes in

A warm glow surrounds me

A calmness permeates through the atmosphere

Soothing the knots from my shoulder

The aches from my legs – the weight from my mind

I lounge like a contented cat in the stillness

A pot of Earl Grey percolating on the table

A book in my hand – the quiet washes over me

A deep sigh of contentment

A quick smile flits over my face

Peace – perfect peace


© Kate McClelland 2015

Candle tea breakfast-1062058__180

Photo Pixabay

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