Tuesday Discover Challenge: Perspective

Writing Dragons

I’m pretty excited about today’s Discover Challenge post, because the stars have aligned to get me to post the first bit of story I wrote many weeks ago, that would eventually turn into this whole new Neeka adventure I’m embarking on lately.  I’ve gone back today and heavily edited it, and finished the scene as well, but this here is why I wanted to write this story.  This was where I met Neeka herself.

Today’s theme is Perspective:

You could experiment with a new perspective — write as if you were someone else, take a photo that highlights your unique position — or reflect about the vantage point you currently occupy (literally or figuratively). Or take the topic in a totally different direction: whatever you do, just be unabashed in your deliverance.

I’m only getting the prose finished at the very last minute today, so I’ll let it…

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