Osborne’s Budget of Irresponsibility

Another great piece Daniel.
Tories are not the party of ‘business’ they are the part of the ‘rich’ which is a different thing altogether.
To bring a budget to parliament which cuts assistance for disabled people to make tax cuts for the well off is immoral and predatory.
I don’t believe the reason IDS gave for his leaving.
He is doing this to help himself or help his cronies either for anti-EU or for the next head of the Tory party, or both. That or there is something coming out in the press soon which would mean he had to go anyway.
I hope they ‘shop’ each other so we will be rid of them. Let the back-stabbing commence.

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

Chancellor Gideon Osborne’s budget last week that represented a culmination of six years of government failures and which slipped the UK into a deeper recession, amounted to another massive transfer of wealth from the poorest to the wealthiest in society. This was reiterated by both the Institute for Fiscal Studies (see chart below) and the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). The Economist projects that by the end of this parliament, levels of investment – which are already one of the lowest in Europe – will fall to just 1.4 per cent of GDP, under half of what it was when the coalition government came to power. It is also half of what the OECD said is necessary just for the UK economy to stand still. But despite these facts, an alternative narrative has emerged in many of the editorials of the corporate controlled media which bare no resemblance…

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3 thoughts on “Osborne’s Budget of Irresponsibility

    1. To take money away from the disabled who will suffer terribly because of it and give that money as a tax cut to the well off is immoral and predatory. Where is the ‘compassionate conservative’? living in the same box as a unicorn-dragon-alien hybrid I think.

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