Neurontin, Gabapentin, and Lyrica, oh my!

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This is one of my most popular posts:

It seems that a lot of people are curious, confused, and worried about the use of Neurontin, Gabapentin, and Lyrica — all anti-seizure medications that are also used off-label for a bunch of other conditions, including the treatment of pain. Here are some of the questions in my search terms:

does lyrica lower your immune system

can neurontin cause long lasting brain damage

how do you know if neurontin gave you brain damage

does taking gabapentin stop my tattoo from healing

gabapentin immune system

reviews on gabapentin for anxiety

will lyrica hury my brian  (Oops! Too late.)

I don’t think anyone really knows the answers to these questions, even the one about a tattoo. A patient may experience a side effect or two, or none at all. And if your doctor tells you that these drugs have been proven to work…

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