10 thoughts on “I love you, even though you’re fictional !

      1. Oh, probably Druss the Legend from David Gemmell’s books 🙂 Although he’d just brush it off and say “In your dreams, laddie!”.
        Or Professor McGonagall, but she’d most likely just give me an icy stare and tell me that I’m a blithering idiot!
        How about you?

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      2. I don’t know David Gemmell, I should look into changing that. Professor McGonagall is one of my favourites! I picked Esme Weatherwax from Disc Series for my first (it couldn’t be the only one as there are too many) She is a bit like McGonagall as she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has lots of hidden history I’d love to find out about. I bet they’d both have some great stories about their younger days :0)

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      3. Oh yeah, you should! His stories are fantastic if a bit gory at times. Very well written, with lots of fleshed-out characters and great baddies.
        Ahh, good old Esme! 😄 Oh yeah, I bet they do! You should write to Ms Rowling and tell her to get on that right away!

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      4. I doubt if McGonagall would call you a blithering idiot – at a guess it would be more likely to be ‘Adam! What are you doing in the restricted library section at 3 am in the morning with a lamp and a box of chocolate frogs?’ Haha!

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      5. Ahhh true, the lamp is a bit unwieldy but on the plus side it gives out more light. Hahaha can’t help myself – explaining even fictional choices, no hope for me – save yourself :0)

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