Tuesday Song 3-8-16

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hello everyone! Today is International Women’s Day. Today and everyday is a good day for women to empower themselves. Women have come such a long way and… it can only get better! At first, I wanted to play an upbeat song but I decided on this one. If you saw the Academy Awards a couple of weeks ago, you’ll probably remember it. I prefer the remix more than the original. The original video is graphic and disturbing. When I saw it for the first time this morning, it brought me to tears. The video and song have a wonderful message: IT’S NEVER OK and it’s NEVER the victim’s fault. Lady Gaga first spoke about being raped at 19 back in 2014. You can read the story here.

Lady Gaga co-wrote the song for the documentary film, The Hunting Ground. The film discusses college campus rape and assault at various American universities. It premiered…

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