Wednesday Writing Craft: Why we love fantasy…

Writing Dragons

Today I want to share a great piece I read about why we read and write fantasy that really struck a chord with me.  I admit, I’ve often felt my own story isn’t “fantastical” enough on this first pass through, because I’m also trying to portray real cultures (the hunter-gatherers, the river culture, the City-State, etc.), but yesterday’s landscape artworks, today’s quote, and this amazing dragon picture all reminded me that there’s a reason I chose fantasy and added dragons to the mix in my story, instead of writing straight historical fiction.

dragon-girl-forest-art (1)

I first read this on Joyce Chua’s blog, The Writes of Passage, in a post filled with other inspirational writing quotes.  Joyce has published a YA novel called Lambs for Dinner and continues to write and blog — I recommend checking her out!

But as is my wont, I tracked down the original source of the quote, from the…

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