Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

The Writer and The Story

Dear Agent,

It is rare when I remember a dream. And this dream in particular is one I can’t get out of my mind.

Its nighttime. Pitch black! I am at a house on the beach. I see things laid on the sand. Not sure if it’s dead animals washed up. The water seems so far from the shore. More than usual. There things all over… I am not quite sure if its people  or fish washed up. But I am searching for something… for someone… for shoes… remnants…

A little girl.

I notice something huge headed my way. It’s black. Its coming fast. Its the biggest wave I’ve ever seen. I begin to run. I run though the house closing doors. I grab the little girl. we try to hide. Water is rushing through the house. Then I wake.


Of course I went online and read all I could find…

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