‘No man is an Island’

Wow what an interesting and different perspective! It sounds like a great idea. We definitely need new thinking around benefits and social security as the system we have is unwieldy and difficult to wade through for genuine cases of hardship and people needing support. Making them feel like pariahs when all they need is something to keep them going through hard times. It leads to people losing out when some have paid in to the system for years. Yes, there are fraudsters, but only a small number and they pale into insignificance when compared to tax fraud. I always think that if the government paid as much for HMRC investigations as they do for Social Security fraud, we could afford free adult education for all and rebuild the NHS. However, this government doesn’t agree with social medicine or social security. All they are interested in is lining their own and their friends pockets and pulling any kind of support from working and non working people to keep wages and living standards down.

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

This year the Dutch government intend to introduce a universal basic income (UBI) paid to the residents of Utrecht and 19 other Dutch municipalities. Each person will receive the equivalent of about £150 a week whether working or not. The unemployed won’t be penalized for finding work because they will receive their employment income in addition to the universal income payment.

The hope is that this will prevent the government having to spend extra money on the vast array of related services connected to the bureaucratic elements of the state that are dependent on the unemployed for their existence. This covers everything from unemployed benefit snoopers to the administering of homeless shelters. Then there are the knock-on affects that stem from inequality such as health, poverty and crime. Writing in the Guardian, John O’Farrell astutely points out:

“Since the decline of the unions, workers have…

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