I Can’t Touch Them

Hello AJ – I find I’m starting to ‘brace’ myself when I open your stories up, as I never know what you’re going to throw at me. I am now wondering about and feeling sorry for a little girl that doesn’t exist!


I Can’t Touch Them

By Adam Dixon

Mummy and daddy won’t talk to me anymore. That makes me sad. Ever since the nice men and ladies in the white coats stopped giving me my medicine they haven’t said a word to me. I don’t know why. I thought mummy would be happy now. It used to make her so sad to watch me take my medicine, but she would pretend that it didn’t. I thought she would smile again now that I don’t need it. I don’t hurt anymore and I used to hurt all the time, especially at night. So why are mummy and daddy still so sad?

There are lots of things that I don’t need anymore. I don’t need to use the toilet at all, which is really good! It was so annoying having to ask one…

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