Day 79: Writers Need A Plan! #dearagent #wewrite

The Writer and The Story

Day 7 of Agent Search:

Dear Agent,

I believe I have found my NEW favorite pen. It writes like the ocean breeze barely grazing my face, with my eyes closed. It’s AMAZING! The words seem to flow beautifully. They just slide on the page. Its the new UNI AIR ROLLERBALL. The package reads, “AIR Bold Ink–WRITES AT ANY ANGLE…” Love it! This means I should be writing everywhere standing, sitting, and even upside down.

Why am I writing about my pen today?

Because like I told my partner who made fun of me because of the amount I spent on the pens, “I AM AN ARTIST! Money is NO object when it comes to my art. Would you tell Picasso not to buy expensive paint?”

It’s all about the pen!

Its all about the pen… and the PLAN!

I have spent the entire morning playing with my new pen and planning 2016!…

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