Why Writing Dragons?

Writing Dragons

Hello!  And thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Jamie Lyn Weigt — pronounced “White,” like the color — and I’m a writer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I’ve written articles, short stories, and longer fiction, but this blog is dedicated to the fantasy YA novel trilogy I’m currently working on.

I’m calling the first book in the series Finding Dragons, and the idea is for the titles of books two and three to be “Something” Dragons, so I am using the working title of the “Dragons Trilogy” for the whole series.  This gave me the name for this blog, Writing Dragons.

Celtic Dragon Pen

My background is not just in creative writing, but ancient history as well, and Finding Dragons tells the story of a group of young people who accompany the dragon Marziel on an adventure across their world, leaving their primitive hunter-gatherer band to encounter more and more advanced cultures — first…

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2 thoughts on “Why Writing Dragons?

  1. Hi, thanks Kate for sharing my post, and thanks for visiting me. I saw your most recent poem Moonlight on your other blog site — so racy! I didn’t see a “like” button since I’m here on WordPress, or I would’ve smacked it. 😉 Keep writing!

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  2. i tried to click on the original link and it wouldnt let me, said that I was not protected and this site might contain harmful things to my lap top. I have been having problems with word press not showing pages so maybe its at my end but thought I would mention this anyway.

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