Book Review: Double Service, by A.H. Browne

Trent Lewin

014e1bf8-f76b-4921-9ee5-c14736520126_D Art Browne writes at

        “Detective Charlie Baker was not in a good mood.” Thus begins the story. What to call Double Service? A World War II mystery? A love story? Rather than give a proper review, I’d like to delve into the editing process behind this book, given that I, Trent P. Lewin, edited the thing. That’s right. Me. And yes, that means I’m totally biased about the thing, so there!

        I edit naked. True story. There is something liberating and breezy about sitting down at your computer sans clothing and imagining the mental processes of Art Browne (known on the cover of Double Service as A.H. Browne). It allows you to commune with his body and mind, even from far away, almost as though he were there tickling your fanny as you make your way through 205 pages (twenty two chapters) of this novel. Fanny-touching aside…

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