At Arbor Low

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Arbor Low and Stanton Moor Imbolc 001 (49)

…I have to wonder about Wen.

Even before the ‘Wen’ thing she was a little too eager to run off to all the farthest flung reaches of the known universe at the drop of a hat. The ‘hat’ in this case being any and all tangential references of any sort whatsoever to our quest; the merest hint of anything French for example and she was champing at the bit to get over there. Now, I am as keen to explore that particular land mass as the next fellow but if we are to do this thing properly… well, we really have to be called.

And this ‘calling’ is a tricky business.

The Scotland thing is a case in point. It certainly looked like that was a good idea. We had stuff to look at en route and stuff to look at when we got there and friends who could put…

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