So I’m writing this book…


I would like to write a book that lots and lots of people want to read. I would also like to write a book that I want to write. 

Doing both of those things at the same time might be a challenge. 

I’m up for it, though.

Here’s a bit of what’s cooking, if you care to read it. (This is not the beginning, or the end. It would be maybe the middle of the beginning.) I would welcome any feedback.

WordPress doesn’t want you to find the page breaks at the bottom, but they are there.  




He was seated on a stool, sharpening a sword. He turned his head, cocked an eyebrow.


He sighed, hung his head. He inhaled deeply, leaned the sword against the wall, exhaled. He rose from his stool to stand at attention. Lethargic attention. A disengaged civilian, not interested in standing to…

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