Where books go to die

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Book sculptures from www.KellyCampbellBerry.com Book sculpture from www.KellyCampbellBerry.com

Christmas is over, the New Year approaches and I’m thinking about taking down the tree and packing it lovingly away under the stairs. The trouble is that the removal of the Christmas trimmings will be my signal to start a clear-out. It happens every year, not through planning or habit, but just because an itch develops.

When the tree initially comes down, there is a moment when the room lacks light and colour in comparison to the red, green and gold of the festivities. It doesn’t last long… and then it just looks pleasingly simple and uncluttered. Then the itch starts…

For most of my life I have lived within a family situation and, over the years, the ‘things’ we collect just build up. We don’t throw them away because they ‘may come in handy’ or, as often as not, because they have a value in…

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