The Superstitious Pigeon: Magical Thinking, Skepticism, and Anomalistics


“Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt” – Eric Sevareid

creepy_pigeons We do not approve of this experiment!

Skepticism can be a healthy approach to modern life.  If you have an inkling your girlfriend is cheating on you, she probably is.  A politician will say whatever he thinks will get him elected.  When sitting in an interrogation room listening to a cop tell you that he can’t help you unless you help him, believe only the first part of the statement.  That tuna is not actually dolphin-safe, and those crackers are unlikely to be truly gluten-free.  Despite the label, there is shrimp paste in the soup and nuts in the chocolate bar.  These examples vary in degree of mortal threat depending on your allergies and legal representation, but it’s still prudent to always remain alert.  In short, skepticism can help…

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