Day 43: On Writing With An End In Mind ~ #wewrite

The Writer and The Story

When you don’t have a plan you have no idea where you’re going!
Where are you headed?

Where is your story going?

Why must they achieve the goal?

What’s the plan?

How does it all end?On writing with an end in mind.

I’d like to think that as writers we know, or have some idea of where our story is going. I should know why my characters do what they do. I like to write with a roadmap, yet sometimes, when I’m not looking for it, the characters show me where they want and need to go.

We start with a plan and then our story takes us on a crazy journey. These are the wonderful surprises that come when we trust the process. Today I am going into this world with a plan, but open to the amazing possibilities. I am all in for this crazy journey. Stay…

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