Bad Hair Days: Barbershop Astrology


“You’re only as good as your last haircut” – Fran Lebowitz

occult_barber We don’t take appointments when the stars are not aligned.

A bad haircut can ruin your week, but you can’t always blame the barber.  Unless he’s bald.  Then he hates you for your hair and can’t be trusted.  Nevertheless, when you pointed at the picture of Russell Crowe and said “I want that”, you’re really just asking the poor fellow to perform miracles.  Stranger things have certainly happened, but if one seeks the preternatural assistance of the universe in making a fashion statement, it is no doubt advisable to cast a few bones, chat up the oracle, or consult the stars as to a propitious day for a trim.  Luckily, the tonsorial trades in the Western world have historically had a close association with astrology.

Around the 15th Century, the printing industry was really revving up, but apart…

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