Author Interview – Adite Banerjie

The Diary Of A Rolling Stone

I will never forget the day I received my first fan email from a young girl in Mumbai—that was when it really sank in, that I was a published author! – Adite Banerjie

Let us welcome today the most popular romance writer, Adite Banerjie, the author of bestsellers Trouble Has a New Name, The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal. Coming from Bollywood background her books is said of have a tinge of Bollywood Masala flavour in them. She is also the source of inspiration for many aspiring writers and is followed by a huge fan base. Today in the interview she discloses her journey as a published writer and her upcoming book.

  1. You started as a business journalist. Did novel writing just happen or was it planned?

Novel writing was a happy accident. It so happened that I came across an ad for the Harlequin Mills & Boon Aspiring…

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