Jack of the Lantern: In Search of Transcendental Loopholes


“I was half lawyer; I always noticed the loopholes.” ― Rachel Hartman

There are no shortcuts, Jack. There are no shortcuts, Jack.

As soon as humanity buckled down and got serious about this whole civilization thing, we started writing laws and forming bureaucracies.  This is fortunate, as in our jubilance about our sudden safety from wild animals, marauding barbarians, inclement weather, and crop failures we probably started forgetting that we shouldn’t eat each other, steal our brother’s girlfriend, or pee in the community well.  Them’s the breaks when the only thing that demonstrably differentiates us from the beasts is our opposable thumbs and gift of gab.  The upside to our general chattiness was that we ended up valuing communication, and because we know we can never remember where we buried the treasure or misplaced the keys to the kiva, we started using the evolutionary equivalent of an external hard drive.  We started taking notes. Which…

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